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Pelargonium (comm Geranium)

(Bedding - Summer-Bedding-Packs)

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Quality Pelargonium (Geranium) plants with bright Summer colours.

  • Special Offer: 3 mixed packs for £12!

Commonly (but incorrectly) known as Geraniums, Pelargoniums make wonderful Summer Border plants as well as being great for hanging baskets and, especially, window boxes and pots. Plants can be grown through winter indoors and propagated through cuttings to provide displays year after year!

We have great value trays of 24 Pelargonium plants either in mixed colours or single-colour trays including white, pinks and reds. Leaves will either be plain or zonal (bi-coloured) and may be scented.

There are 24 plants in a pack and it should now be safe to plant Pelargoniums out in Aylesbury.

(Note, any prices shown in images are subject to change throughout the season)

Pack contents: 24 Mixed or single-colour Pelargonium plants per pack


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